It is said that Lapland is Finland’s biggest and most genuine experience resort. This can also be attested to by the creators of Skyfire Village, who have lived in and explored Finnish Lapland for their whole lives.  The vast and scarcely populated Lapland is an astonishingly beautiful and wonder-filled destination, and we hope that everyone has a chance to visit Lapland at least once in their lifetime.

Lapland is a land of opportunities, which inspired us to create something new and unique. We wanted to provide our guests with an extensive service that allows you to experience the most magnificent things Lapland has to offer in an ideal way.

It’s important to us that we can produce these services in accordance with our values. Ecological sustainability, closeness to nature, and environmental friendliness are important values that guide our operations.

After years of planning, we have created Skyfire Village, located in one of Lapland’s rare untouched areas. We are happy to be involved in making Lappish tourism even more versatile. We are honoured to provide Lapland visitors with a service that lets us responsibly offer you experiences related to silence, pure nature and solitude, combined with a touch of luxury, in an unparalleled location.