How do I get to Skyfire Village?

The Skyfire Village is a 45-minute drive from Rovaniemi Airport. After booking, you will receive a booking confirmation with detailed instructions on how to arrive at the village. You can also book a transport service when you book your accommodation, and we’ll safely transport you to the village.

Because we are really in the wilderness of Lapland, you can’t get all the way to destination by car. However, you can get to the vicinity of the village by car, where our staff is waiting for you. In winter, after 45-minute drive, the rest of the trip is a sled ride – pulled by an eco-friendly snowmobile. The sled ride lasts ca. 10 minutes. As our customer, you’ll be able to enjoy the spectacular Lapland landscape already on your way to the village, while sitting on the sled under a warm blanket. In the summer and autumn, the rest of the trip is easily walked along a forest path in ca. five minutes. When there is no snow, we can get closer to the village by car.

Transport service is arranged from central Rovaniemi (16:00). Transportation departs during the winter from 1st November 2022 – 30th April 2023 every day. After your stay, return transfers to Rovaniemi city area take place approximately at 14:00 (2 PM). Time zone: Finland ( UTC + 2 ). After booking, you will receive detailed information on adress and how to arrive at the pick-up point by email.

Skyfire Village is located on a lakeshore in the Lappish wilderness, surrounded by pure and fresh nature. On the way to Skyfire Village, you will cross the Arctic Circle. You will arrive in the Arctic region where peace, silence and pure nature can be experienced at their best. The Arctic Circle is sometimes called the boundary of stress and haste. We have a saying that in Lapland, even the faraway places are near.

Your trip to the Village will take one hour in total. The driving conditions in Lapland might be poor in winter due to heavy snowfall or large amounts of snow, in which cases the drive may take slightly longer.

If you have any questions regarding on arrival in the village or the transport schedule, you can contact our customer service by e-mail:

Who can enjoy a visit to Skyfire Village?

At Skyfire Village, you’ll enjoy true Lappish life with a touch of luxury. We are located outside of growth hubs and mass tourism areas. This means that you’ll be able to experience a special retreat holiday.

You can come to our village to experience something completely new, to relax and enjoy solitude, or to spend a romantic holiday such as a honeymoon. The trip suits all kinds of travellers.

You can experience the village as a group, family, couple or alone. In each case, you’ll always be our special guest. Since we’re in the wilderness, our services are unfortunately not suited for babies or older individuals with poor health. 

The northern lights and their visibility in the northern sky

Northern lights or the aurora borealis, a breathtaking natural light display of the northern nature.
Thanks to the location of Skyfire Village, we can offer you one of the best chances to see the northern lights at their most beautiful in Finnish Lapland.

The Skyfire Village is located in a rare location with no light pollution. Therefore we can offer you one of the best places in the world to see and experience the enchanting glow of the northern lights.  Northern lights are visible in Finnish Lapland usually from August to April. The best time to see the northern lights is generally between 10 pm and 2 am, sometimes even earlier. Their glow can last for the whole night, or sometimes only a few minutes.  Seeing the northern lights can require some waiting and patience, but not to worry – you can wait inside your warm igloo in front of a fireplace, even curled up under a blanket.

People around the world have been fascinated by the northern lights throughout the ages. The northern lights are present in many myths. Sparks whisked around by a firefox’s tail or spirits dancing in the sky are the most common stories told about the northern lights. Scientists have been able to prove that the northern lights are created when solar wind particles enter the Earth’s atmosphere, which makes these beautiful colours glow at 100 kilometres’ altitude. Polar lights appear in the Earth’s polar regions, which is why they are the most common in Finnish Lapland.

This spectacular light show cannot always be seen. The visibility of the northern lights can be hindered by clouds, fog, sunshine, and light pollution. The Finnish Meteorological Institute shows real-time information and forecasts on the visibility of the northern lights in Finland, see You can also download a northern lights alert app to your phone, informing you about the probability of northern lights in your location.

Can I buy accommodation only?

It is also possible to buy only accommodation without meals or transport service.

After booking, you will receive a booking confirmation with detailed instructions on how to arrive at the Skyfire Village. Then you can also bring your own foods to Village and you have an option to store foods in the refrigerator. The village has a separate space where guests can enjoy their own foods. Please note, that the preparation of food is only possible an open fire (no kitchen).

What is the weather like at Skyfire Village?

Cold winters, warm summers, colourful autumns and luminous springs define the annual cycle in the north. Lapland’s unique nature offers you an unforgettable holiday experience year-round.

Experience midwinter’s blue moments, be charmed by the lights in the sky, fall in love with autumn colours, and enjoy nature when the midsummer sun shines day and night. The weather in Finnish Lapland varies according to the seasons, from the winter freeze to the summer heat. You can see an up-to-date weather forecast at the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website at

Midwinter, also referred to as subzero winter, lasts for the year’s first few months. Nature is at its quietest and beautiful snowdrifts cover the ground. The period of midwinter darkness, the polar night, takes place during this period, and the sun will not rise above the horizon at all. In the midwinter, the northern lights, the moon and the stars light the dark days. The crisp midwinter is also an excellent time for enjoying winter activities in the north.

Regular temperatures: from -15 °C to -25 °C

Snow crust From early March, the amount of daylight increases, the temperatures slowly rise, and sunlight glistens in the beautiful wintery landscape. The snow crust is so hard that it can support a walking person, and this period lasts until late April when the snow starts to melt. On bright winter days, it’s good to enjoy the outdoors and the nature. 

Regular temperatures: from -5 °C to -15 °C

Ice breakup In April and May, the ice in lakes and rivers breaks up and melts, which is a sure sign of spring. The amount of light increases significantly, and the nights start to become bright. The snow slowly melts, and migratory birds return to Lapland. Everything turns green, and the reindeer give birth to their adorable fawns.

Regular temperatures: from 5 °C to 15 °C

Summer and the midnight sun, also referred to as the nightless night or the polar day. Summer in Lapland is a magical period because the sun will not set below the horizon at all. This around-the-clock lightness lasts from late May until August. The magical Lapland summer is a time of festivities and togetherness.

Regular temperatures: from 15 °C to 25 °C

August is harvest time. The days are bright, but the nights slowly start to get darker, and the first northern lights can be seen in the sky. Trees and other plants are at their lushest. Berries and mushrooms are ripe for picking.

Regular temperatures: from 10 °C to 20 °C

Autumn colours  In September, the air gets colder, and night-time temperatures may drop below zero. Around this time, nature’s colour display is a spectacle worth witnessing. The fresh air and beautiful nature refresh the mind and body, which makes the autumn colours an excellent period for enjoying nature by participating in various activities.

Regular temperatures: from 5 °C to 15 °C

First snow, always worth the wait in Lapland. We usually get the first snow in October.  The first snow often quickly melts away, and the permanent snow cover usually comes in late November.

Regular temperatures: from -5 °C to 5 °C

Christmas and the polar night The annual cycle ends at the last season: Christmas and the polar night. The lakes and rivers are frozen, the trees are covered with snow, and it’s freezing cold in Arctic Lapland. In late December, the sun hardly rises at all. The dark polar night is illuminated by the snowdrifts glistening in the frost, the bright starry sky, and the northern lights. The polar night’s blue moments and the phenomena of the northern sky are unforgettable experiences.

Regular temperatures: from -15 °C to -5 °C

How to dress for Skyfire Village

Many visitors might be worried about dressing for the Arctic conditions of Finnish Lapland. Choosing the right clothes is essential because you can best enjoy your stay when you’re comfortable. We recommend you to rent suitable outdoor clothing for Rovaniemi before your trip (there is several companies in Rovaniemi that rent outdoor clothing). If you prefer, we can acquire clothing for you and rentals can be made at the time of booking. In that case, please email us the clothing size and shoe size of each person participating in the trip after booking.

Winter clothing – dress right and enjoy the freezing winter

We recommend layered clothing during the colder seasons.

Underwear: breathable materials, for instance thermal underwear
Socks: Wool socks, long cotton socks under the wool socks
Trousers: Select comfortable, loose trousers, made of e.g. cotton or fleece
Shirt: We recommend a loose cotton shirt with a high collar.
Jumper: For instance wool or fleece.

Shoes: Choose warm boots. This way, your feet will stay warm! We recommend a size slightly larger than your regular size.
Padded outerwear: In the cold winter, you should always wear padded outerwear when outside.

A warm winter overall is a safe and comfortable choice for the freezing weather. You can also choose warm padded trousers and a padded jacket.
You’ll also need: warm mittens, a knit hat, and a scarf. We also recommend using a balaclava when it’s really cold.

Choose comfortable and relaxed clothes for your trip!