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Ole hyvä ja valitse päivämäärä



    A new, unique, luxury accommodation and activity package on the lakeshore
    in the middle of Lapland’s pure and quiet nature. We have brought luxury hotel level comforts and services to a special location where Lapland’s experiences start from your suite door.

    We offer various activities, as well as the best local delicacies. Your trip culminates in spending the night in a warm Skyfire Suite whose large panoramic windows provide breathtaking views of the northern sky.

    The village’s location has been carefully selected, and the location is rare even for Lapland. The pure nature, fresh air and beautiful landscapes will enchant our visitors in every season. Skyfire Village has been created in the middle of a peaceful natural landscape with no light pollution. The area is one of the best in the world for seeing the northern lights and the starry sky at their brightest.

    Skyfire Village is an Ecotourism destination which operates in accordance with the principles of responsible tourism.

    What’s included?

    • Dinner
    • Breakfast
    • Transport – by car and eco-friendly snowmobile
    • Reception open 24/7
    • Wi-Fi
    • A special evening snack cooked on an open fire, instructed by a wilderness chef
    • An unforgettable night in a Skyfire Panorama Suite



    • Northern lights photography excursion (additional service)
    • Snowshoes (for rental)
    • Kicksled (for rental)
    • Luggage storage service (additional service)
    • Outdoor Clothing (rental)
    • Santa Claus visit (private service)
    • Special wishes and arrangements – let us fulfil your wishes


    Please note

    • Passport required
    • Not wheelchair accessible
    • Not stroller accessible
    • Not suitable for pets
    • No public transportation nearby
    • Infants must not sit on laps
    • Infant seats unavailable
    • Since we’re in the wilderness, our services are unfortunately not suited for small children (under 5 years old) or older individuals with poor health.
    • Dietary requirements: If you have any restrictions in your diet, (lactose free, gluten free, allergic to something, vegan or vegetarian), please let us know at the time of booking so we can prepare for you in advance.


    Arrival to Skyfire Village

    We will meet our guest at an agreed pick-up point in the afternoon (Rovaniemi Airport, Arctic Circle Information or in front of Santa’s Hotel Santa Claus), where we will begin journey to a completely new adventure village in the middle of Lappish Wilderness. Skyfire Village is about a 45-minute drive from Rovaniemi. After car transportation rest of the trip is a sled ride – pulled by an eco-friendly snowmobile. As our customer, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular landscapes of Lapland already on your way to the village, while sitting on the sled under a warm blanket. Soon you will see, a unique luxury Arctic resort is opening up in the middle of the Lappish wilderness. We will arrive in the Arctic region where peace, silence and pure nature can be experienced at their best. We are in the place with no light pollution, which is rare even in Lapland. This lets us provide our guests with one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights and Lapland’s starry sky at their brightest. After entering the village, our guests have check-in to their own Skyfire Panorama Suites, which are well-equipped and combination of modern Nordic design with the best natural materials. Each Skyfire Suite is fitted with high-quality double beds. In front of the large panoramic window, there are two comfortable design armchairs and a table. The atmospheric fireplace keeps the temperature of the suite just right. Each suite has its own toilet. An atmospheric Sky Restaurant & Bar, located in the village, offers you enjoyable moments with a delicious dinner tailored by professional chef. We offer the best local delicious food and non-alcoholic beverages with food. Late supper is organized in the Lappish hut. Our guests can experience the charm of campfire cooking by cooking their own evening snack on an open fire, instructed by a guide. You can spend your time in Skyfire Village just like you want. Admire the beauty of the surrounding forest and the northern sky in your luxury suite and in the same time enjoy hot beverages or a glass of wine. Fascinate about the wilderness life and the silence in a scenery route, that we’ve created around the village. Relax by a campfire in Lappish hut, that exudes Lappish spirit. Come spend evening in an idyllic Sky Restaurant & Bar, that is open until night. Visit our Sky Shop -store where you can buy unique Finnish handicrafts and design products. Your trip culminates with an unforgettable night in an atmospheric luxury suite for two, with ideal conditions for watching and admiring the Northern sky and admiring its wonders. From our high- quality suites there is a beautiful view to the lake Karhujärvi. Skyfire Village offers an unique one day long experience trip for Lapland tourists. We are delighted to host you at our resort! We want to help make your visit memorable and pleasurable. In case you have any special requests, please inform us when booking or by email.

    Dinner is served at the Restaurant. A special evening snack cooked on an open fire, instructed by a wilderness chef.

    An unforgettable night in a Skyfire Panorama Suite

    Buffet breakfast in Sky Restaurant & Bar and Check out Your Igloo

    The breakfast buffet will be served in Sky Restaurant & Bar at 8-10 am. Check-out from the suites and after that we will transport our guests back to Rovaniemi.

    Breakfast buffet is served at the Restaurant.